MACHINA comes back to the market. There will be a music online service and exclusive magazine published from Los Angeles

MACHINA comes back to the market. There will be a music online service and exclusive magazine published from Los Angeles

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MACHINA is back on the market. One of the most recognizable Central-Eastern European music and culture brands will return in a completely new form but this time with a global audience. Combining music, entertainment, fashion, tech and lifestyle, it will become an international video and editorial platform built on the most advanced technology and innovative new media strategies straight from Silicon Valley and Los Angeles - the entertainment capital of the world.

As one of the first brands originating from Europe to launch concurrently in the US and Europe, MACHINA will implement its multilayer business model across the media and e-commerce space while becoming a gateway for American culture, lifestyle and select celebrities to Europe as well as for European culture and lifestyle to the US.  The venture will give MACHINA back to its readers and more. Relaunched as a state of the art platform and limited edition exclusive magazine published in Los Angeles, MACHINA sets its sights for the global market.

The agreement to reinstate MACHINA in this new dimension was made between Mrs. Eva Blaisdell, Mr. Grant Blaisdell and Mr. Michał M. Lisiecki.

Eva Blaisdell, a US national of Polish origin, has been involved in the creating and development of modern media projects in California for many years. As an independent visionary marching to her own tune, she braved through innovative technology and committed to use it to create new engagement points with global audiences but from Los Angeles. She has combined fashion, film, politics and music and integrated them with her renaissance ability across media platforms while packaging them with emotionally charged content into thematic media channels. Her partners in those ventures include, among others, Sony, Amazon, Motorola, NAGRA and the Hollywood film and entertainment industry, as well as US investors. Her projects lead the way in reinventing and expanding business models, branding and technology to reach global markets. Presently, Eva Blaisdell is building a media holding in Los Angeles that aims to become the leading provider of entertainment content for international buyers across digital platforms and technology. She extended her creative and entrepreneurial spirit to also include the vision for the development of the California Space Center.

'Thanks to funding with US capital and access to the newest developed technologies, our platform will provide high quality journalism while streaming international entertainment and life-style channels addressed to audiences in both the USA, Europe and eventually Asia. As a US corporation, we bring a completely different financial value to our joint venture and reward European partners in a true America way. For the first time European tradition is catapulted to USA and reshaped for European and US market.  The US version of Machina has opportunities to raise considerable capital in the USA as an American new media entity' - said Mrs. Blaisdell. - 'It is a new paradigm for European media companies and I am happy that Mr. Michał Lisiecki has the vision and is open to new projects that could make him independent from the Polish and European market.'

The new project's acting CEO will be Grant Blaisdell, an American with ties to Europe and years of experience with content, new media strategy and digital platform business model development. Grant has worked with start-ups as well as some of the major content studios and certain publishers in Hollywood and Los Angeles. 'We are prepared to implement a different and innovative structure for our revenue, content and branding model and generate a new precedent in the new media and digital publishing segment. A future goal of the company is to drive our valuation and power in the market by selling some shares to such companies as Yahoo, Facebook or Google, who knows; eventually we could even choose to go public. I feel that the combination of our business model, branding strategies, technology resources and of course great content makes it a realistic goal to build a valuation in the hundreds of millions in a matter of a few years. By building a bridge between American and international culture and consumers, we also expect to build a dedicated e-commerce system while becoming a significant media channel providing content both to and from the heart of the American media industry and foreign markets '- says Grant Blaisdell.

The European partner in the project is Michał M. Lisiecki, president of the publicly listed Platform Mediowa Point Group SA Management Board (GPW:POINTGROU, PGM), publisher of Poland's leading opinion weekly WPROST and owner of the MACHINA brand. Lisiecki has been active on the European media market since 1997. His career started when he was still a student as a publisher of a student magazine, 12 years later he bought the major Polish weekly. His company also owns the FILM brand - one of the oldest European movie magazines. 'MACHINA has considerable potential as an international entertainment brand. A new revenue model and scale of operations offered by the US partner can help guarantee the success of this project' - says Michał M. Lisiecki.

The entrance on the US and global entertainment market changes the paradigm of the scale of turnover for the title. The editors of the new MACHINA will have a branch in Warsaw, however, its principal place of business will be in Los Angeles. The service will be addressed to both customers in Poland with a Polish language version, and also - and predominantly - to American and international customers in the English language version. A limited luxurious printed edition of the MACHINA magazine will reach exclusive and synergistic locations and the desks of entertainment executives in Los Angeles.

In terms of technology, the new MACHINA will be operated from a platform built on cloud based technologies by Grant Blaisdell and Eva Blaisdell in partnership with Amazon, Sony and others. The cooperation with Sony regarding the use of Sony MSC platform provides for the use of the most recent technology intended for the production and management of video content across borders. Thanks to it, the teams working on both sides of the Atlantic will be able to work together on the top quality content as if they shared the same room, without unnecessary disruption caused by additional communication. 'I am very pleased that our projects, vision and position in Los Angeles can bring about the cooperation between a large European content medium and a technology power from the first day of our operations' - says Grant Blaisdell. Currently MACHINA is garnering synergistic content partners and brands on its already growing list.

MACHINA will have access, as the main media platform, to numerous music and life-style events organized by Eva and Grant Blaisdell in cooperation with select partners in California as well as working together with Los Angeles producers regarding concerts and shows to be streamed across the world.

'We believe that by utilizing the combination of one of the most recognizable Central-Eastern lifestyle media brands - MACHINA, our expertise and unique know-how in business, new media and technology, we can together build a new media platform dedicated to the entertainment and lifestyle industry, with a worldwide reach', says Michał M. Lisiecki, president of PMPG SA. He adds that the joint venture with Eva Blaisdell and Grant Blaisdell fits well with his business strategy contemplating the digital transformation and expansion outside Poland and Central-Eastern Europe.

The new project is to kick off in 2015. The official opening plans to be held at the famous Grammy Museum in Downtown Los Angeles.

MACHINA is the title of the major music and lifestyle magazine from Poland, published in 1995-2002 and 2006-2012. The magazine was considered as the Central-Eastern European equivalent of Rolling Stone. MACHINA was a pop culture magazine; apart from music, it was about films, books and graphic novels. Regarding music, it was focused on alternative rock and so-called new sound. MACHINA was created and established by Marek Kościkiewicz, a musician from the band De Mono, among others. In 2005, the rights to the title were purchased by Platforma Mediowa Point Group which published the magazine again in 2006. From May to the end of 2011, it was published as an e-weekly magazine.

Eva Blaisdell - independent businesswoman and investor in the USA, building a new generation of media companies in the USA with the use of modern technologies that alter the way the content is distributed and monetized. Based in Los Angeles, together with her son Grant, Mrs. Blaisdell also focuses on international markets, including the Polish market. She is also a visionary who is leading development of the plan  for the preparations for building the very first California Space Center  near the Vandenberg Air Force Base where an entertainment, concert and scientific center will be built to involve the audience in space, tech and global issues. Mrs. Blaisdell became famous from her early times in Silicon Valley when start ups started and later  her  spirited management of Compaq in Poland in 1990s.  She  was generous philanthropist and sponsor of the Polish culture and sports as well as  youth. Currently, she is initiated use of Sony's  new content production platform to launch entertainment production and distribution venture in Los Angeles and Poland, with the use of cloud technologies from  Amazon  and Sony systems. Mrs. Blaisdell and her son also invested in the production of  American films in Hollywood showing heroic Polish history and its heroes. Mrs. Blaisdell lives in Hollywood, Malibu and Santa Barbara. She is committed to innovating  new opportunities for artists and making technology and US start up generosity in service of the arts and independent media . She is also committed to making use of the new media technology to create new source of news, uncensored and flowing freely. Her early start up AngelMobie braved as a maverick concepts if interactive media channels Pushcasting  emotionally charged  videos as media channels integrated with intelligent brand message - in early 200o she was as always ,  ahead of the curve.  Her commitment included development of the  California space center and her vision and corporate strategy acumen allows her to strive for  large endeavors. She is fluent in several languages, educated in Europe and US and descendant of the old  European nobility found USA - and California in particular to  be the most  advanced and generous place to spin new world from .  She is a member of Los  Angeles World affairs Council, Los Angeles Business Economist organization and many others . actively participates in RAND events.

Grant Blaisdell - Californian with a Polish heart. As a young boy, he spent several years in Poland and returned there two years ago with his experience and capital from Los Angeles. Grant was successful in designing and negotiating with Amazon the possibility of creating the very first cloud-based media platform in the Polish market, with the intention to activate it at the same time in Los Angeles and in Warsaw. Being a businessman and rapper at the same time, Grant is a part of the music scene in Los Angeles and Warsaw. He produces other artists, concerts and events and works together with musicians and the industry across the United States and Europe. He was among the very first entrepreneurs who consulted with NBC Universal, FOX and in turn Hulu regarding content selection and branding strategy. He is also involved in the production of movie projects in Hollywood, Europe and India with the eventual dream to produce a Hollywood version of a feature film about the Warsaw Uprising.  Grant Blaisdell - bilingual in English and Polish and educated in Europe and  US, with experience with Venture capital in Silicon Valley  and Los Angeles is well suited to lead international start up originated  in Los Angeles.

Michał M. Lisiecki - president of Platform Mediowa Point Group SA Management Board, president of AWR WPROST. He is 38. He set up his first business when he was still under 20. He decided to connect his career with the media sector. He built Platforma Mediowa Point Group, a holding operating in the field of media and marketing communications, from scratch. He began his career in 1998 by releasing student magazine with less than USD 2000 in his pocket. Today, PMPG SA is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and its portfolio includes one of top opinion-forming media in Poland, i.e. WPROST weekly. He is also a co-founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Orle Pióro - publisher of a weekly "Do Rzeczy". His success is a result of his passion, vision and consistency. He likes to quote the famous Albert Einstein sentence: "Everyone knows that something cannot be done, but there comes someone who doesn't know that, and he just does it" - he emphasizes that for this reason the students magazine was released in 1998. The word 'impossible' has been deleted from his glossary, such as the word 'never' which he uses hardly ever.

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