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Company Information

Information about AWR "Wprost"


"Wprost" is one of the most influential weeklynews magazines in Poland.It is published by Agencja Wydawniczo-Reklamowa WPROST. Since the end of December 2009 the majorityshareholder of AWR WPROST is Platforma Mediowa Point Group SA (GPW:POINTGROUP, PGM), which is one of the most dynamic companies in the Polishmedia and publishing industry. The portfolio of PMPG SA and its companiesinclude: popular culture magazine "Machina", the oldest Polish film magazine "FILM"and student magazine “?dlaczego”. Moreover, PMPG-dependent companies offeradvertising space in traditional media and campaigns in new media, as well asintegrated marketing communication services, starting from strategy preparation,through creation and production stages, to realisation.


In the ranking prepared by the Institute of Media Monitoring in June 2009 "Wprost" was one of ten mostfrequently quoted media in Polandand second among all opinion weeklies. Inthe research conducted by NewtonMedia in November and December 2009 WPROST was the unquestioned leader of allPolish weeklies quoted by other media.

"Wprost" is read by 10.1% of Polish men and 7.3% of Polish women(according to SMG/KRC survey conducted between July 2008 and June 2009). Everyfourth of our readers (24%) lives in a big city of over 500,000 inhabitants;half of them (49,7%) have a degree; every fifth (21%) is a director or owner ofa private company. Almost two thirds of our readers are less than 44 years old.


The first issue came out on 5 December1982. It was then published in Poznańand tackled mainly regional matters, thus a vast number of issues was sold inthe Wielkopolska region. In 1989 "Wprost" became a national magazine, gainingnew readers and the position of the biggest opinion weekly in Poland. InNovember 2000 "Wprost" moved to Warsaw.


Editor-in-Chief is Sylwester Latkowski, who replaced Michał Kobosko. The magazine is created by a team of over 50 journalists, graphic designers and photographers. Our feature writers include Magdalena Środa, Piotr Najsztub, Krzysztof Skiba, Krzysztof Daukszewicz. In ourover 20-year history such renown columnists have cooperated with us as Stefan Kisielewski, Leszek Balcerowicz, Lech Wałęsa, Wacław Wilczyński, Prof. Jacek Kurczewski, Stanisław Tym. 
Famous graphic artists have also contributed to the style and character of ourmagazine – Edward Dwurnik, Rafał Olbiński and Andrzej Krauze to name only afew.


Every year the editors of "Wprost"grant the Man of the Year title,which has become a very prestigious award. So far they have honoured:

•    1991 - LeszekBalcerowicz, the Father of Polish economic reforms, the Head of the NationalBank of Poland
•    1992 - Hanna Suchocka, the first woman in Polish history tobecome Prime Minister
•    1993 - Aleksander Kwaśniewski, the former President ofPoland
•    1994 - Jacek Kuroń, one of the most popular Polishpoliticians according to the all public opinion polls
•    1995 - Lech Wałęsa, legendary leader of Solidarity inGdańsk’s shipyard, former Polish president and Nobel Prize winner
•    1996 - Wisława Szymborska, poet from Kraków, 1996 NobelPrize winner
•    1997 - Marian Krzaklewski, leader of Solidarity ElectionAction party, which won the parliamentary elections in 1997
•    1998 - Jerzy Buzek, Prime Minister (1997-2001) in theSolidarity Election Action and Freedom Union coalition government
•    1999 - Bronisław Geremek, Man of State, former ForeignAffairs Minister, later the leader of Freedom Union
•    2000 - Andrzej Olechowski, runner-up in presidentialelections in the year 2000, charter member of political group PlatformaObywatelska
•    2001 - Leszek Miller, Prime Minister, leader ofpost-communist Democratic Left Alliance
•    2002 - Leszek Miller and Günter Verheugen (for the firsttime the award was granted to two persons, to a foreigner (Günter Verheugen)and to a person awarded before. Leszek Miller was a 2001 laureate)
•    2003 - Jan Maria Rokita, chairman of the parliamentary clubof Citizens Platform (Platforma Obywatelska)
•    2004 - Victor Yushchenko , Prime Minister of Ukraine(1999-2001), since December 2004 President of Ukraine
•    2005 - Jarosław Kaczyński, chairman of Law and Justice(Prawo i Sprawiedliwość) , former Prime Minister of Poland
•    2006 - Zbigniew Ziobro - Minister of Justice
•    2007 - Leo Beenhakker - coach of football national team
•    2008 - Donald Tusk - Prime Minister

•    2009 – Jerzy Buzek, Presidentof the European Parliament

Every year in June, "Wprost"publishes the list of 100 richestPoles, which is the most comprehensive of all such ratings in Poland. It isfrequently referred to both by national and foreign press.


Wprost24 was launched in 1995. Today we arevisited by over 600,000 Internet users per month, generating around 3 millionviews per month (Megapanel PBI/Gemius report for June 2009).
Wprost24 provides daily news prepared by our journalists, updated news bulletinwith our commentaries as well as editorials written by guest writers. Wprost24also gives access to articles published in the paper edition of our magazine aswell as the archive of all materials that have been printed since 1998. 

Other websites:

Gover.pl – thefirst watch dog website in Poland,which keeps an eye on politicians and their activity

InfoTuba.pl- citizen journalism website, forum for opinion exchange about politics,economy, society, culture and sports

Pitbul.pl – bitingcomments about politics and politicians

Blogbox.com.pl – library of blogs; collection of the best blogs from the Web

Nieruchomości.wprost.pl – the latest real estate ads to buy, sell or renta house and apartment

Motoryzacja.wprost.pl – buy and sell ads of cars, lorries and motorcycles



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