Get ready for Oscars Celebration

Get ready for Oscars Celebration

Governors Ball
Governors Ball / Źródło: Archiwum prywatne
Lady Rocket Media bringing to you the Oscars' Governors Ball Preview. Revealed is how Oscars celebrities and film industry elite will be entertained after Oscars! Get ready for Oscars Celebration at the Governors Ball, the film event on Earth!

From Hollywood, Lady Rocket Media - Oscars for WPROST readers from my Friday, January 31 special coverage from the 2020 Academy Awards Governor Ball Preview.

After sharing with you and our media affiliates a Lady Rocket Media event with Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Jim Bridenstine, Administrator of NASA and Grant Blaisdell, I continue on with the best Los Angeles has to offer - another great encounter – insight into the upcoming Oscars celebration and the Oscars 2020 Governors Ball Preview, organized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences publicity team led by Natalie Kojen.

The Governors Ball, in addition to the Vanity Fair Ball, is one of the most spectacular celebrations for celebrities and filmmakers following the Oscars Ceremony. The Governors Ball will be located in the Ray Dolby Ballroom on the top level of the Hollywood & Highland Center right next to Dolby Theater where the 92nd Oscars winners will be revealed.

Today, specially selected media have the opportunity to meet the creators of the event as well as Academy Governor, Lois Burwell and the team in charge of the Governors Ball. In this coverage I am introducing the event and I will follow up with interviews. I am hosted by the Academy's great PR team who have made a special effort to give us an opportunity to reveal this spectacular venue to our audience. My TV team is with me because we are filming for our TAP TV programs, our French partners and our special TV affiliate – FMT TV in Lithuania who I would like to recognize for their commitment to film and music.

In a true Hollywood style, we are introduced to the master of ceremonies - creator of Governors Ball - Cheryl Cecchetto whose Sequoia Productions knows how to "...throw HOLLYWOOD a party..." Cheryl, in charge of one of the most prestigious events in Hollywood, uses her masterful and formidable style to assure that the Oscars can be celebrated in a spectacular yet also thoughtful way. Last year Cheryl's team produced, for example, a special video showing moments from Hollywood's most famous films.

Of course, our celebrity chef and a fixture of our Los Angeles celebrity lifestyle - Wolfgang Puck, originally from Austria, is again in charge of the menu for the event. Unlike the Golden Globes which went all vegetarian, the Oscars party is a compromise with 60% vegetarian and 40% meat. We will have a special interview for you with the creator of the sumptuous menu, where Wolfgang Puck will answer questions I specially asked for you in the next segment.

I am also introduced to another special participant making the event memorable – famous film director Francis Ford Copolla's Winery. The specially selected Francis Ford Copolla wines that will be poured into the glasses of Oscar celebrities include 2018 Director's Cut Chardonnay, 2017 Director's Cut Cabernet Sauvignon and 2019 Sofia Rose. The Sophia Rose was named after the critically acclaimed director Sophia Copolla, daughter of the famous film director Francis Ford Copolla - creator of "The Godfather" film.

Additionally, Francis Ford Cupolla Winery is represented today by very Special Sandy Walheim, winemaker to the Stars in more ways than one. In my interview I discovered that Sandy's brother-in-law is a famous astronaut, Rex Walheim thus I asked which wine we should serve on the Moon. You discover the answer and more about wines for the 2020 Governors Ball in my next story.

The Governors Ball is the place where the Oscar winners, and all nominated Film artists presenters and the film industry world come right after the Oscars event. We are looking forward to seeing Oscar participants from Poland: Rafau Zawierucha who is starring in the Once Upon A Time in Hollywood and the remarkable team of Corpus Christi nominated in the Best International Feature Film category. Corpus Christi is led by the director Jan Komasa and his great cast includes Bartosz Bielenia, in a leading role. Good luck! Looking forward to the celebration at the Governors Ball.

Coming soon - more about Academy's 2020 Governors Ball and Oscars in my next segment.

Governors Ball

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