PO's Media Hacks & Shills Attempt a DC Offensive

PO's Media Hacks & Shills Attempt a DC Offensive

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In an article yesterday posted to the Washington, D.C. focused political site TheHill.com entitled: "Congress: Keep an eye on Kaczyński’s Poland" “Dr.” Maciej Bartkowski (with a doctorate in M.S.- the "Michnik Sciences"- defined as the dark art of practical coercion and manipulation) brazenly violates the Hippocratic Oath of "primum non nocere" ("first do no harm") by manufacturing a propaganda piece laden with lies, half-truths, glaring omissions, and classic PO image strengthening subversion.
This article is written for, and will resonate with, the career Washington apparatchik. This is a town I not so affectionately refer to as “the swamp” (and given my work on government transparency I am there all too frequently). This DC nomenklatura is statist and socialist-leaning and found in much higher representation in the Democratic Party these days (America’s PO if you will). Journalistically, many of these careerists are of the Applebaum mold where facts are malleable and political expedience always comes first. In fact, Pani Applebaum was tweeting this spin out when it was published, no doubt in the hope of helping shape the narrative on Poland’s new government with her old time DC cronies. The fact that this self-described “journalist” (who lies…a real lot) endorsed this article with a tweet is further proof it is not to be trusted.

Luckily, any contingent from the American political and philosophical right (which will thankfully take back the White House in about a year hence) will know better than to be taken in by Poland's far left-of-center "wine and cheese" media elite complex. After all, we deal with the same nonsense here in the U.S. This Bartkowski slop was as journalistically honest, given its supposed good faith precept as an unbiased reportage, as the propaganda pieces of Edward Lucas (The Economist), Henry Foy (The FT), and many of the other biased and sympathetic hacks and shills I recently discussed on TV Republika. This is best exemplified by the queen of bullshit herself, Ms. Applebaum, whose most ridiculous work (in my view, but there is certainly much to choose from) appeared in The Telegraph (U.K.) merely weeks after Smolensk when she discussed how honest and helpful the Russians were in “investigating” the crash.

The section of Bartkowski’s propaganda piece regarding the “grudge against the Polish high courts” when “Kaczyński accused the chief justices of the Constitutional Tribunal, the Polish Supreme Court, and the Supreme Administrative Court of ‘terrorizing courts’ to approve the validity of allegedly rigged elections" was in reference to the most brazenly rigged election outcome I've seen in a developed world nation in recent years. This election thievery centered on the votes of PSL (the Marxist farmers) when they achieved a mathematically-close-to-impossible outcome of winning enough votes in Gdynia (a few Marxists, but no farms) last year that enabled a PO-led coalition to be formed thus allowing those that once ran as economic liberals (Ha!) to retain power after the regional elections. The immediate protests that sprung up in opposition to this flagrantly obfuscated vote counting process were quickly and aggressively squelched after a journalist was arrested at the electoral commission. After exercising a little muscle and brazenly ignoring rule of law, the then President Komorowski (since voted out of office because of shameful actions like this- actions that have led to the voting in of the unilateral one party rule that Bartkowski gripes about) and the hack egoist Mayor of Warsaw claimed that to question (this obviously rigged outcome) was treasonous. A black eye for Polish accountability and transparency….yet again.

Bartkowski’s citation of Kaczynski’s and PiS’s sentiments toward this judiciary and the recent actions undertaken to weaken this branch is a straw man argument, especially given its role as the “bag men” for PO’s activity as a mobster-looter elite. This judiciary is poisoned to the core with legacy commie vestigial organs that have been in hock to both the visible players of the Polish political drama (PO), and even more concerning, to the behind-the-scenes types of figures who always seem to stick around no matter who is in power (you can use your imagination as to who these shadowy fellows might be…and it does not lead to reassuring thoughts about Polish democracy). This judiciary has needed to be cleaned up for many years as honest politician Jaroslaw Gowin was advocating when he served as Justice Minister. Am I apprehensive about removing a check on the legislative branch that could now conceivably wield much more power over all issues legislative, judicial, and importantly- constitutional in nature? Of course I am. But I am more wary of leaving these corrupted systems that have long needed excision in place. The key, and PiS understands this, is: lustration, lustration, lustration.

Bartkowski also attempts to undermine Kaczynski as an integral advisor and influencer to this new government. Kaczynski’s personal history has shown him to be consistently honest and not corruptible despite frequently being wrong on policy. Agree or not on philosophy or policy, in my mind he has always done what he thought was best for Poland (as opposed to what was best for Brussels or for his own bank account- which has truly been the big difference between PiS and PO). He has also proven time and again to be a wise tactician who has kept the PiS party alive against all institutional forces of PO corruption and has thus served as the only consistent check on PO corruption. And now, thankfully, he has successfully steered PiS to be PO’s emphatic vanquisher, a metaphoric stake in the heart of the parasitic vampire culture of self-interested corrupt elites. It seems self-evident that he is well deserving of credit, credibility, and a big role to play in dispensing political advice to all components of this new government he helped create.

As an experienced and consistent fighter against the most evil systems Poland has faced over the last decades Kaczynski has earned his chops as a leader with the right brand of “macro” philosophy that can help lead Poland as it reverses the evils of these previous systems. Obviously his whole-hearted opposition to communism was well documented (as opposed to his detractors like Adam Michnik or many in the media, politics, the academy, etc. who were party members). Kaczynski’s intolerance for corruption has only accelerated as he has recognized this is the major contemporary factor undermining a strong, independent, and prosperous Poland. He has shown a willingness to eject those in his party that are caught engaging in malfeasance (recall: Hofman and the “airplane affair”) and yes there was corruption in the previous PiS government as there very well could be in the future (government is government after all) but compared to PO’s hijinks it was what we in the U.S. call “nickel-dime” stuff. With Kaczynski close to the helm of the ship of state corruption and the financial self-interest of the bureaucracy will not be the raison d’etre of government as it had become in recent years under PO. I for one find it refreshing that with reduced corruption, "we the people" can focus on complaining about ineptitude and bad policy making (such as more spending and the building out of more government, already displayed with the recently introduced new ministerial creations). What other factions will Kaczynski-advised-PiS be ready, willing, and able to battle with over ideas? Importantly the statists, far-leftists, and globalists who see the center of state loyalty as based in Brussels. These out-of-touch Ivory Tower denizens abhor nationalism in all its levels of patriotic reflection and they believe in a more centralized power that is shifted away from the culturally cohesive nation-state and toward the European super state (led by fellow enlightened elites such as themselves). To them, independent sovereign decision making is not to be left to the country that has to live with the decisions made at bodies like the EU or the United Nations. The PiS that Kaczynski has built does not see national government stewardship that way and I for one am elated about this. One more element that Kaczynski has imbued into PiS is his healthy distrust (because conservatives know that history does repeat itself) of Russia. Remember Georgia? The Kaczynskis were the lone loud voices standing athwart Russian revanchism in 2008 (which makes Applebaum’s 2010 post-Smolensk Russian boot licking in The Telegraph all that much more disgusting).

In further defense of the appropriateness (that Bartkowski seems to abhor) of Kaczynski being a major influence in the new government run by the party that he still heads (as if more justification was needed) is that it is undisputable that he was in fact definitively elected to a seat in the Sejm as a representative in the national capitol. (I had the privilege of voting for him in the northern part of Srodmiescie, Warsaw in October myself.) Kaczynski was not merely appointed to an advisory role but validated in a democratic election. Appointment is unfortunately all too frequently a pathway to political power in modern government. When appointed, no one in the citizenry has to validate the extension of position (such as with the Caligulan Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett). Also exemplary of the unaccountability of appointment are most of the elitist diplomatic Foreign Service core (both in the American State Department and Poland’s MSZ). These are the career hacks Applebaum and Sikorski (career hacks themselves in their chosen vocations of “journalism” and “diplomacy”- and now Harvard “academic” for the buffoonish kleptocratic “statesman”) surrounds themselves with when in DC. Many of these beltway cronies of Poland’s most odious and arrogant couple lecture alongside them at the “Atlantic Council,” the “Center for European Policy Analysis,” and the especially Orwellian sounding “Institute for War and Peace Reporting.” (Cronyism doesn't merely have to pertain to money since political power is also a currency “cronies” pursue, amass, and exploit.) Given Bartkowski’s quoting of Adam Michnik warning of “a velvet dictatorship” as if this was an honest and unbiased observer of Polish politics (and not the media complex’s leading “shine boy” for the recently ejected looters) one can only surmise that Dr. B. himself would love to speak at these agenda driven “think” tanks.

In short, this blog post published on TheHill.com is biased crap and it may as well have been plucked straight out of the pages of Michnik’s dying Gazeta Wyborcza (whose taxpayer bailouts and government supports will soon cease, in no small part due to Kaczynski’s wisdom and advisory powers). The piece de resistance of Bartkowski’s nonsense article is his proposed solution to this swiftly descending PiS autocracy he outlines, a solution he entreaties the American congress to heed; that any American military aid must be tied to the “independence” of the judiciary and that any Congressional delegations and meetings that occur with U.S. politicians and their Polish counterparts must also be held with minority political opposition leaders. After the citizens of the Republic of Poland have voted the incumbent party out of power with the definitive mandate of unilateral rule to their opposition Bartkowski still believes his guys deserve a seat at the international geopolitical table. One might even begin to think that Bartkowski comes from an intellectual salon that does not trust in free and democratic elections, or at least when the people speak and those he support lose overwhelmingly. But he has no problem making apologies for voter fraud. Not only is this “article” not to be taken seriously but it's every premise is consistently instructive in the contrarian sense. The lies, spin, omission, and fantasies passed off as honest journalism (would we expect anything different from a scribbler quoting Michnik?) prove it is complete and utter bull shit, gówno, merde, and guano not fit to be anything but mocked and corrected by honest free thinking people who do not want to push the leftist zombie sheep line.

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