Can we start another rescue operation for Tomasz Mackiewicz? There are three conditions

Can we start another rescue operation for Tomasz Mackiewicz? There are three conditions

Tomasz Mackiewicz
Tomasz Mackiewicz / Źródło: Facebook / Tomek Czapkins Mackiewicz
Private investors make efforts to organize another rescue operation to reach Tomasz Mackiewicz, who is trapped at an altitude of around 7200 m above sea level at the peak of Nanga Parbat.

Poles don’t want to give up, when there is still hope that Polish Himalayan climber, trapped on Naga Parbat, may be still alive. Witold Mackiewicz, Tomek's father, doesn’t give hope, that it's possible to rescue his son. – I am begging you to resume the rescue operation for my son Tomek. I know, I feel that he is still alive. Tomek can survive for 6 days in a snow cave at a similar height – said Witold Mackiewicz. The father of a missing Pole appeals for help to the prime minister, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the president. He is assisted by the group of businessmen and private investors.

The CEO of PMPG Polish Media, Maciej M. Lisiecki provided information from Adam Bielecki's manager – Janusz Niedbała. It turns out that the participants of the expedition to K2 are ready to move again to the peak of Nanga Parbat. However, there are several issues. "Information from Adam and boys: they are ready to go to save Tomek. Three conditions must be fulfilled: “1. The helicopter must drop them at an altitude of 6,500-7,000 meters. 2. The weather must be favorable. 3. This must happen within 24 hours” – reads the message sent by Niedbała to Michał M. Lisiecki.

To contact the private group, please call: +48 693 999 966 or write:


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