Open Letter to Elisabeth Revol

Open Letter to Elisabeth Revol

Please distribute on our behalf to anyone Whom it may Concern

Open Letter

1 Feb 2018, Warsaw Poland

Dear Eli Revol

We are glad you are recovering and we are incredibly happy for this. Tomek Mackiewicz Family is organising a private Search/Rescue/Recovery (!)

They & We the Group of 43 Friends - need precise information on your last moments with Tomek. Understanding if he had a gas bottle, gel, medicne, how well protected from the wind etc...., we can judge his chances. You know as his Partner, his body had uniq abilities to regenerate! This is ESSENTIAL (key factor) for them to be able to send a specialized team to recover him.

Tomek’s Father - Witold Mackiewicz is asking you personally to be in touch with us as a Group - acting on their behalf - to organise the 2nd rescue attempt.

The family has had no contact with you, they tried and they understand you are recovering however they feel a desperate need to be given the exact information on Tomek physical state and the potential - if any- administration of drugs before you left him.

On behalf of Tomek’s family we beg you to get in touch and discuss. We will forever be grateful.


Family & Friends
Group #TomekMackiewicz43
[email protected]
Mobile: +48693999966
Media SMS first with your name.
We will call back or Whatsup please.

On behalf of us all Lisiecki Michal.

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