I Sleep: Therefore I Am

I Sleep: Therefore I Am

The holidays are a good time to sleep. But that does not bother me. Even though the holidays are a great time to sleep, I still can’t sleep. Except during the day.At night I cannot sleep at all. But during the day I snooze like Dracula.

Sleep comes as naturally to me as cycling with my eyes closed. On the other hand, once I do get to sleep it is extremely difficult to wake up, even if blink open my eyes to find a stranger with a sickle standing over my bed. I still would roll over and try to get more shuteye.

No matter how much I sleep get, it is never enough. I know what you are thinking-- that I am just lazy. (I was thinking that, too.) Why of course I am.

My question is why aren't you?

Scientists are always doing research on how much sleep a 21st century individual needs to face a day of computer dating, low cholesterol andvegan-burger flipping. How much is enough?

leep therapy has never worked for me. I can lock my computer in another room. I can have my phone turned off. I still can't sleep. Even that special music doesn't work for me. I'm hopeless. You can try it by clicking on this link. But it never ever works for me.

Sleep Therapy: How to Treat Insomnia with Sleeping Songs and Sleep Music to Fall Asleep to 

Sleep Therapy: How to Treat Insomnia with Sleeping Songs and Sleep Music to...  Listen to the complete album: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/music-to-fall-asleep-to-falling/id947986142 Enjo...

Whaaaaa . . . er . . . sorry.  I listened to this link for the last two hours. And nothing. I'm still wide awake. However . . .

This link to a trailer of a movie called Insomnia put me to sleep immediately: INSOMNIA - Trailer

Some scientific studies say to sleep as much as possible, but don’t put yourself ina coma.

Others say,the more you sleep, the sleepier you get. Other scientists just yawn and drinklots of coffee.

For some ofus, sleep is a constant companion 24 hours a day. For example, a colleague of mine who has acute sleep apnea, nods off and snores very loudly in public. When I asked him, a part-time what he does to fight this illness, he said:„Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”

(Sound of snoringmixing bleeding into howitzers on the Western Front in WWI.)

By the way I know someone (a liar) who claims to sleep just four hours a night. I wascurious as to how this was accomplished and whether that was an average or every nightt hing. This person started explaining, but I nodded off before she finished.

Just listening to someone who sleeps so little, knocks me out.

Some people have no fear about sleeping as little as possible. Who do they think they are?Leonardo da Vinci?

In fact, famous overachievers like da Vinci needed very little sleep. Thomas Edison thought sleep was a waste of time, preferring a series of daily naps. So did Nikola Tesla. He snatched about two of hours of sleep per night.

Donald Trump sleeps only about 2 hours a night and says it gives him a competitive edge. It also saves time for combing his hair.

Then there was Churchill, who credited afternoon siestas with defeating the sleepless Hitler's goon squad.

(Rare archival sound effect of Churchill snoring.)

We all know the saying: “I will sleep when I am dead.”

I'd like to know what they, whoever they are, mean by dead. Because if they mean what I think they mean, then I am definitely not interested.

 I have come to this conclusion. The best way to avoid insomnia is to get enough sleep. 


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